HORTOMALLAS Crop netting: the easy way to support your vegetables

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Maximize sun exposure and reduce pathogens using crop netting.

Various techniques have been developed, alongside of crop netting, to improve the yield and reduce the attack from pests as far as crops and plants are concerned. There are different types of nets that can be used and also there are different purposes for each type of net. Nets are very useful in the case of plants like tomato, cucumber etc. In the case of these plants the nets acts as support for the climbers as well as the weak plants. In places where the area for cultivation is not so large, vertical vegetation is the way to go. And crop nets can be effectively used to achieve this type of vegetation. These panels can act as fence that protects the crops and also can act as support to the plants. The main advantage of crop nets is that every small area in the garden or the yard can be utilised to the fullest. With the right installation of the crop nets, cucumber yields can be almost doubled. Also it is effective method to monitor the plants. This helps to treat them as soon as a disease attacks.

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The crop netting helps to reduce the precences of the pathogens and other diseases.

Initially the area where the crop net is to be established is divided into the subsequent subdivisions. And the depending on the kind of crops that are grown in the area, the primary support structures for the crop net is installed. In most cases these are metal posts which have t bend on the top. The usual spacing between the posts is about 15 feet apart. This spacing is usually given in the area where the crops grown are peas and there are rows of peas that are about 100 feet long. The poles that is the main supporting rods are driven about 18 inches into the ground. This is to provide protection against any damage to the crop netting by winds. The normal height chosen for the rods is about 8 foot. The rope that holds the net is about 6 feet above the ground level. As the crop is peas, this height is enough. Once this is done trellis is used to make the nets. Trellis can be of different kinds too. Plastic ones are the most common and the reason is the cost at which they are available. Attaching the trellis on to the poles at both top and the bottom makes sure that the crop net is strong and does not allow bending and damage in any manner.

espalier net provide support to cropfield

The crop netting provide to your crops of the best protection against diseases, helping to your plant to get a better growth.

In fact there are numerous companies or people who offer to install such nets. But the truth is that the farmer himself can manage to install these efficiently. The only thing is that proper planning must be done before starting the installation.

In the case of climbers the stems cling on to the nets and climb up. At the top when they grow out of net to climb further they grow and turn down on themselves. Tomato plants can also be grown with the help of crop net. Tomato plants can stand on their stem but it is essential to provide enough support on all sides if you are to cultivate tomato. Also in many places this is also called the grow net. The main reason is that the purpose of this net is to grow the plants efficiently and maximize the amount of sunlight they receive.

Crop net used for support to the plants

Should be considered a space between the net and the floor for facilite the irrigation.

In the case of installing crop nets, it is very important to give a small distance of free space between the ground and the net. This is to ensure that processes like weeding and watering the plants are very easy. Also providing nutrition to the base of the plants becomes easy too. Cultivating too can be difficult if this free space is not there.

Apart from acting as a support to the plants that are cultivated. These crop nets can also act as bird nets netss.In the case of fruits and vegetables there is a danger of the birds attacking the crops and eating the yield. This can be avoided completely by using these nets. All kinds of birds can be kept away from the plants for good. Another important advantage of these is that they provide frost protection.

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