Bean netting is perfect for growing great beans

Use bean netting and shade cloths for perfect crops

Bean netting
Can use the plastic net or shade cloth for protection and support for your crops.

Bean netting is a great way to grow beans. Growing them in this manner can help grow a better crop and can help with harvesting. This is an easy process that does not take much to complete. You need around five items. There are also a few ways to grow beans with the netting. There are different ways in which you can set up your structure and the material you use. With the use of plastic nets and shade cloths, you can set up the optimal growing environment for your beans. You can also use several types of bean netting and shade cloths to help with the planting.

Here are the reasons you should use bean netting

Beans are a great way to get many nutrients into your diet. You want to be able to yield the best crop to ensure you are getting the most out of your crop. Bean netting is the optimal way to increase production of your plant and it makes for faster harvesting. Like other plants that you trellis or net, it makes it easier to see pests and insects on the plant. Beans are climbers, so setting them up in this manner makes certain you do not damage your plant in any way. The leaves and tendrils are delicate and easy to harm.

This is also a fairly cheap way to grow bean depending on the material you use for the frame. It really depends on how long you want your structure to last. Material like metal and PVC pipe could last several years. Wood, depending on your location, might need to be replaced every year. The bean netting itself doesn’t cost you heaps. This is again depending on where you buy it and how much you actually need. This will only be for the structure to grow the beans themselves. You will need a few more materials to shade them from the sun.

There is more than one way to set up your beans

long beans crops
With the different types of materials you can create a good structure for that your provide the best support to your crops.

To set up your beans with the bean netting you need wood, string or screws, and bean netting. There are different types of materials you can use for the frame of the structure. For more permanent structures that you want to last for years you can use PVC pipe or metal pipes.You will then need to use the correct type of material to fasten them together. If you use wood, depending on the weight of the wood, you can use screws or string to put them together. One of the most common structures is a tall, rectangular structure that has 3 sides. That’s 2 on the side and 1 on top. You would then take your bean netting and string it between the sides and the top. There are strings like nettings or you can use a plastic net. You would then plant your beans under the edge of the bean netting to make certain that they grow up the net. The best place for this structure would be down the middle of a garden bed so that you can access both sides of it. Attach your net to the structure with string or zip ties.

Another way to set up your structure is in a teepee shape. With this structure, lighter wood is probably the best option. Using metal would not be ideal for this application either. So for this one you will need light wood, string, and bean netting. Take anywhere from 3 to 8 pieces of wood and place them in a circle vertically. Bring all the tops into the center so that they are leaning against one another. About 6 inches down tie the pieces of wood together. Make certain that you have tied them tied enough to support the structure. You can then use your bean netting and drape it over the outside of the structure. You will plant your beans in the same place as the other structure, just below the net.

Protecting your crop

support net installed for support on garden crops
The support system helps to your crops to get a health growth.

Due to the tenderness and being delicate, you need to be able to protect your plant. Shade cloth is the best thing to use for protection. The plants can burn easily so they need to be in shade. This is important especially when the plant has just sprouted and is young. They also do not need large amounts of sun like some other plants. There are several different colors you can buy of shade cloth. The deciding factor on which you should choose depends on things like where you live and how much sun the plant would be getting. There are red nets that have different percentages of how much light they let in. You can also purchase green, black, or white nets.

Besides shade for the plant, these cloths also help protect the plants from birds and insects. You do not want your crops being eaten by other animals after you put all this work into them. To use the shade cloth you will have to set up another frame above the one growing your beans. It needs to be the same shape and leave room so that they do not hit the shade cloth. Ensure that you use something like string or zip ties to secure your cloth. You do not want it to blow away.

This is an easy process to set up this system for growing beans. With an armful of supplies you can grow beans. Ensure that you have proper protection for your plant. Once you build your structure you can use it year after year to grow your crop. Depending on the material you purchase, this can be an inexpensive way to get home grown beans on your table. Bean netting is the best way to guarantee that your plant is grown the correct way with little to no damage.


Plant support is an essential in every field for climbing crops because it increases efficient development and yield in these crops. However, plant support is not only made for food crops such as cucumbers, tomatoes and other edible vegetables. They can also be used in the garden for crop flowers.

crop flowers
Use the plant support is the ideal idea for that your crops gets the best growth.

Plant support for crop flowers come in different shapes depending on the purpose for which you are using it. While some may look like the conventional trellis, others take unique shapes specific for the kind of plants they are supporting.


There are so many reasons why you need to use plant support in your garden. It does not only make your crop flowers grow beautifully, it also makes your garden look tidy. Bushy flowers tend to cover everywhere including the pathways. They also tend to cover the less vigorous ones preventing sunlight and air from getting to them. Not only do they make the less vigorous ones suffer; they also make the garden look untidy and less beautiful. Using a suitable plant support for bushy flowers controls such growth, removing the stress from the less vigorous plants, as well as clearing the pathways.

It also offers support for climbing crop flowers. These climbing crops are vines that require a support to climb on. It is either that, or they are left sprawled on the ground. Leaving these beautiful vine crop flowers on the ground takes the beauty away from the garden. But it does not end at that; they could also get damaged just lying there. So it is best to provide support for the climbing plants so that they can grow beautifully as they are supposed to.

hortomallas trellis net used on garden for plant support
With the support that provide the net your flowers getting a better development and quality.

In addition, plant support prevents your flowers from leaning. Some crops are predisposed to lean, while others lodge as a result of heavy rainfall or storm. A suitable plant support prevents your flowers from lodging or even breaking, and helps it grow upright.


The use of flower support may be as a preventive approach or a remedial one.

A preventive approach involves mounting the support before the flowers grow out. So that, as they grow, they become integrated with the support. However, if the support was not mounted from the beginning, it can still be installed as a remedial approach.

vertical trellis system used for provide support in the plant growth
Using the trellis net you can get the control of the growth of your plants.

SINGLE STEM/ ADJUSTABLE PLANT SUPPORT: this support is most suitable for plants with single stem. It prevents the plant from leaning or lodging during a heavy rainfall or strong wind.

An adjustable plant support is just like the single stem support, however, it can be adjusted at different height of the plants. It is suitable for tall single stem plants. It is also suitable when the flowers are in bloom.

RING/ LINK PLANT SUPPORT: this support is suitable for bushy plants. It controls the bush and prevents encroachment to the pathway. It also keeps vigorous plants from smothering the less vigorous ones.

GROW THROUGH SUPPORT: this support is most suitable for plants with large and heavy bloom. It is made of a ring grid that supports the bloom, thereby reducing the stress on the stem.

TRELLIS NET/ SPIRAL SUPPORT: these supports are good for climbing crop flowers allowing them to grow beautifully upwards.